Our graduates go on to successful careers as professional Dental Assistants with X-Ray knowledge.  

At GS Dental Academy, we offer a program that teaches both Dental Assisting and Radiology Technology in Springfield, NJ 07081.

The job opportunities for trained Dental Assistants holding the Dental Radiologic Technologist license in the state of NJ are extremely good in today's marketplace. 

Our program is unique of its kind.  Our program is unique as it’s a 4 months course, taught on 1 day a week.  Our program covers X-Ray Dental Radiology, and Dental Assisting.  The Dental Radiology part of our program is approved by the Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners.

The Dental Assisting and Radiology program is focused, and is a taught at our existing practicing dental office setting, under the direct supervision of Dr. Akamary, DDS. 

Students graduating from our program, would have an advantage over students graduating from other Dental Assisting/Radiology programs.  Our graduating students would know what to exactly expect when working at any dental office.  This is based on the real-life, and hands-on training at our dental office setting. 

To be admitted into our program, the student must have a high school diploma, GED, or the equivalent. Benefits of our program include comprehensive instructions, and education by highly trained Dental professionals, a small class size, and hands-on real-life training in a practicing dental office.

After completing our program, students will be eligible to take the “Radiation Health and Safety” exam.  Upon passing the “Radiation Health and Safety” exam, the student can apply to be a Licensed Dental Radiologic Technologist (LDRT) in the state of NJ.

Upon completion of this program, students are given a Certificate of Completion in Dental Assisting and are trained in Dental Radiology.

Our graduating students will be able to literally hit the ground running when it comes to having the needed real-life skill sets required to jump start their career working as a competent Dental Assistant, and knowing Dental X-Ray Radiology

Our Dental Assisting and Radiology program is fully approved by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Department of Education (DEP), and Department of Labor (DOL).


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The class setting is unique as it takes place in a real-life practicing Dental Office.