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GS Dental Academy

COVID-19 Safety Protocol at GS Dental Academy

Dental Assisting and Radiology Technology School

At GS Dental Academy, our students and staff's safety is our utmost priority.  To ensure the safety of the students and staff GS Dental Academy, we have the following safety protocol in place:

1- Social distancing of at least 6 feet will be required in the class room.

2- The number of students will be limited to ensure the 6 feet social distancing in place.

3- Face masks will be provided and required for students and instructors to wear.

4- Students and the instructor will have their temperature taken before starting the class day.

5- The classroom will be disinfected before and after each class.

6- Any student who develops COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to quarantine for 14 days.  Students will be allowed to resume classes after the 14-day quarantine period, and after getting a COVID-19 test negative results.  Classes missed during these quarantine days would be made up on extra school days and arrangements with the instructor.

7- The pantry common area will be closed during school days.