Dental Assisting and Radiology Technology School

About Our Course - 4 months of of Life-changing Learning

GS Dental Academy

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The job opportunities for trained Dental Assistants are in very high demand in today’s job market.  The demand for trained Dental Assistants with Radiology training is quite strong in State of New Jersey. 

By examining job postings, and classified ads, show the high demand for dental assistants.  The majority of these ads require experienced applicants.

Following your training in our sixteen-week course, you will have the confidence, and needed skillset to apply for these positions.  Along with your graduating certificate, we will provide a latter of recommendation to the top graduating students of our program

All supplies, materials, teaching aids, books, etc., are supplied at no additional charge.  Students are required to purchase their own set of scrubs. 

Our course is unique, as it’s taught in a real-life practicing dental office.  You will learn the most advanced state-of-the-art methods in Dental Assisting. 

The course is given three to four times a year.  The classes are taught on 1 day a week over a 4 months period.

Our students will have the opportunity to observe and work with real dentists in our practicing dental office during this course. 

If you have any additional questions, would like to schedule a tour of our school, please call us at 973-988-0008 today! You can also contact us via email at 

We look forward to helping you jump start your new career!.